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>> Mexico 2, (6 days / 5 nights)


Mexico City – Cuernavaca – Tasco


Day 1: Center of Mexico City

In the morning you will visit the historic center of Mexico City: the Museum of the Anthropology, which displays objects of the cultural heritage of pre-Columbian civilization era (Olmecs and Maya), Zocalo, Cathedral, Presidential Palace and the main Temple. The excursion will finished with a delicious cup of coffee at the Main Square of Mexico City with panoramic view. Overnight in the hotel.



Day 2: North of Mexico City

In the morning you will visit the north part of Mexico City: Square of the Three Cultures and Basil the Virgin Guadalupe. Also you will visit the archaeological site Teotyuacan and see the Cetzalcoatl Palace, pyramids Sun and Moon. Overnight in the hotel.



Day 3: South of Mexico

In the morning you will visit The District Coyocan: Museum of Lev Trotsky, Museum of the famous Mexican artist – Frida Kalo and the center of this district. Overnight in the hotel.



Day 4: Cuernavaca – Tasco

In the morning you will visit Cuernavaca, the City of Spring with the colonial buildings, palaces and churches.

Then you will visit the magic silver city Tasco with the narrow streets and lanes, and the white house’s on the mountain with the tile roofs. Also you will have the opportunity to visit the Church of San Priscila, which is built in


Baroque style. Return to Mexico city. Overnight in the hotel.



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