Beachfront Condos For Sale in Mahahual, Costa Maya

Mahahual beachfront condos with ocean views, presented by Yucatan Expert Real Estate Mexico

•  764.23 sqft  1 BR 1,5 Bath – FOR SALE  USD245,000.

Mahahaul Beachfront Condo Costa Maya, Mexico

Mahahual beachfront condos with ocean views. Invest in a beachfront condo with ocean views in Mahahual, Mexico, presented by Yucatan Expert Real Estate Mexico, mexico real estate agent.

Introducing HAMA – Your Gateway to Caribbean Paradise in Mahahual!

Welcome to HAMA, an exquisite opportunity brought to you by Yucatan Expert Real Estate Mexico, your trusted Mexico real estate agent. Nestled in the serene Caribbean town of Mahahual, just 2 hours south of Tulum and 1.5 hours north of Chetumal, your nearest airport, HAMA is perfectly situated along the mesmerizing 1.7 km pedestrian boardwalk of Mahahual, offering an array of beachfront condos for sale in Mexico.

Discover Mahahual and Mahahual Real Estate market, what often hailed as “the jewel of the Mexican Caribbean,” in partnership with Yucatan Expert Real Estate Mexico. This laid-back paradise enchants with its natural beauty, tranquility, and warm hospitality. As your Mexico real estate agent, we invite you to unwind by the stunning turquoise sea, set amidst the world’s second-largest coral reef. Ideal for family getaways, Mahahual’s pristine beaches and gentle waves create a picturesque setting, with beachfront condos for sale right at your fingertips. For adventure seekers, the colorful reefs and abundant marine life make it a top destination for snorkeling and diving.

Additional Information

**HAMA**: Born in this enchanting locale, HAMA offers a unique project tailored for nature enthusiasts. Our units provide breathtaking views, private pool-equipped terraces, and an exclusive natural environment ideal for Mahahual’s diverse activities. Yucatan Expert Real Estate Mexico is proud to present these stunning properties for sale.

Enjoy incredible amenities at HAMA, including a rooftop infinity pool overlooking the Caribbean Sea. Our units come fully furnished and equipped, ensuring a hassle-free move-in experience. Functional design and inviting décor create an atmosphere of relaxation and warmth, showcasing the best of Mahahual real estate.

Additional Amenities in Beachfront Building Hama in Mahahaul, Mexico

HAMA offers a range of conveniences, including a restaurant, shop, lobby, elevator, spa, private pools, yoga area, beach club access, and membership perks. With beachfront condos for sale, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy Mahahual’s natural beauty every day.

**Delivery in June 2024**:
– PH-Studio 504: 71 sqm – $245,000
– PH 2 BR 502: 145 sqm – $420,000
– 2 BR 204: 98 sqm – $338,000
– 1 BR 109: 42 sqm – $153,000

Property management fee is set to 2,5 USD / sm

Gran Costa Maya

Two cruise ships docked in a Caribbean harbor, surrounded by palm trees and turquoise water. The perfect vacation paradise awaits in Mahahaul, Costa Maya , Mexico!