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The ancient Mayan city of Palenque, with its superb jungle setting and exquisite architecture and decoration, is one of the marvels of Mexico. It is about 150 meters above sea-level. It is a medium-sized site, much smaller than such huge sites as Tikal or Copan, but it contains some of the finest architecture, sculpture, and roof comb and bas-relief carvings the Maya produced. Important structures at Palenque include:

Palace, actually a complex of several connected and adjacent buildings and courtyards built up over several generations on a wide artificial terrace;

The Temple of the Inscriptions. The temple superstructure houses the second longest glyphic text known from the Maya world. The Pyramid measures 60 meters wide, 42.5 meters deep, 27.2 meters high. The largest stones weigh 12 to 15 tons;

The Temple of the Cross, Temple of the Sun, and Temple of the Foliated Cross. This is a set of graceful temples atop step pyramids, each with an elaborately carved relief in the inner chamber depicting two figures presenting ritual objects and effigies to a central icon;

The Temples XIX and XXI. The aqueduct constructed with great stone blocks with a three-meter-high vault to make the River flow underneath the floor of Palenque’s main plaza;

The Temple of The Lion at a distance of some 200 meters south of the main group of temples;

Temple of the Count another elegant Classic Palenque temple;

The site also has a number of other temples, tombs, and elite residences.









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