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The city of Puebla is the capital and largest city of the Mexican state of Puebla. Puebla is an important industrial, cultural and educational center of Mexico for the central and south-east regions. It is also one of the oldest colonial cities in the continent. Puebla is located in the Valley of Puebla, surrounded by volcanoes and snow-capped mountains. The modern city of Puebla was founded on April 16, 1531. Today, Puebla is an important city, mainly in the textile sector. Puebla is also home to the Mexican headquarters and the only North American manufacturing site of Volkswagen. Puebla is served by international airport. It provides domestic services and flights to the United States. The historic center of the city still contains much Spanish Colonial architecture and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Of all the colonial buildings, the most impressive are the Puebla Cathedral, built in a mixed neoclassical style; the gold-covered Rosary Chapel. Other important landmarks are The Artist’s Neighborhood and the downtown, where the Cathedral of Puebla and the Palacio Municipal are located. Puebla is also the home of an Automobile Museum, containing a collection of rare and classic vintage cars; National Museum of Mexican Railroads located in the old Mexican station. One of the most famous museums in the historical city center is the Amparo Museum. The symbol of the city is a fountain with a sculpture of Chinese-Indian women in lace. Also there is produced a real “talavera”. On the south of Puebla there is Mexico’s largest zoo. And finally, a bit about cookery. Puebla’s food culture, known as Cocina Poblana, is popular all over Mexico. Puebla is considered the home of Mole poblano, a rich, spicy sauce containing chocolate, cinnamon and nuts, as well as different types of hot peppers. Served with chicken, mole has become the most renowned dish of Puebla’s cuisine. Camote, sweet potatoes cooked in a stove and topped with crème are a traditional sweet. “Chilies en nogada” is a dish of stuffed chilies with meat, fruit, and topped with walnut sauce and pomegranate seed; it is prepared mainly in August.









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