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The city of Veracruz is a major port city. The seaport was founded in 1519. The city is known its rich traditions of music, including marimba, bands y danzon. In downtown Veracruz, a large marble-tiled zocalo, called the Plaza de Armas or Plaza Lerdo, is the heart of the city’s lively nightlife. It’s lined with arcades that house bars and cafes. On a nearly nightly basis large groups of people sit outside in the plaza enjoying food, drinks and cigars, while they watch musicians and dancers that perform in the square. Veracruz’s 18th century cathedral and 17th century Palacio Municipal are also located on the plaza. The “Malecon” is harbor front walk along the docks draws many tourists, more from Mexico than foreigners. The city has several beaches as well. The city has the most important port in Mexico.










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