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Izamal is known in Yucatan as “The Yellow City”, most of its buildings are painted yellow. Izamal was an important archaeological site of the Pre-Hispanic Maya civilization. Izamal developed a particular constructive technique consisting in the use of megalithic carved blocks, with defined architectonical characteristics like rounded corners, projected moldings and thatched roofs at superstructures, which also appeared in other important urban centers. Five huge Pre-Hispanic structures are still visible at Izamal. The first is a great pyramid to the Maya Sun God; Kinch Kak Mo. Atop this grand base is a pyramid of 10 levels. Others huge buildings called: Pap Hol Chak, Hun Pik Tok, Kabul, Xtul, Habuc and Chaltun Ha. All these large man-made mounds probably were built up over several centuries and originally supporting city palaces and temples.  Also Izamal is the home of a distillery which produces   mescal from of the locally grown henequen plants. The convent of Izamal is very famous.








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