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Muyil was one of the earliest and longest inhabited ancient Maya sites on the eastern coast of the Yucatan Peninsula. It’s located approximately 15 kilometers south of the coastal site of Tulum. Artifacts found here date back from as early as 350 BCE to as late as 1200-1500 CE. The ruins of Muyil are an example of Peten architecture. The site is made up of three distinct areas: the core of the pre-Colombian settlement, next to Muyil lagoon, the Cenote Group and the West Group. The only area open to the public is the core of the pre-Colombian settlement. The chief architectural remains visible today are the Entrance Plaza Group, The Castillo, the Temple, some platforms, chapels and dry-laid stone walls. The Entrance Plaza Group contains 13 structures ranging from pyramidal and non-pyramidal platforms to temples and altars. Proceeding 450 feet east of the Entrance Plaza Group you arrive at the Castillo. This 57-foot high building is the tallest at the site, and one of the most interesting. In front of the Castillo are the remains of small altars. There is a linear system of scabs at Muyil, running generally east-west and end-to-end beginning near to highway, and proceeding to the lagoon. It is situated on the Sian Ka’an lagoon, a name meaning “where the sky is born”.








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