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Uxmal is another large pre-Columbian ruined city of the Maya civilization in the state of Yucatan. Maya chronicles say that Uxmal was founded about 500 A.D. The Puuc style of Maya architecture predominates. It is one of the few Maya cities where the casual visitor can get a good idea of how the entire ceremonial center looked in ancient times. Some of the more noteworthy buildings include: The Governor’s Palace, a long low building atop a huge platform, with the longest facades in Pre-Columbian Mesoamerica; Pyramid of the Magician, a fine pyramid temple unusual in several ways. The layers of the step pyramid are oval; The Nunnery Quadrangle is the finest of Uxmal’s several fine quadrangles of long buildings with elaborately carved facades on both the inside and outside faces; a large Ball court for playing the Mesoamerican ballgame. A number of other temple-pyramids, quadrangles, and other monuments, some of significant size, and in varying states of preservation, are also at Uxmal. These include North Long Building, House of the Birds, House of the Turtles, Grand Pyramid, House of the Doves, and South Temple. From the Maya language the name of this city means “built three times”.

In the evenings over the forested ruins of the great city spread colors of the night show that gives this place fantastic view. 






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