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Valladolid it is one of the first colonial cities of Mexico with its picturesque architecture, grandeur and beauty. Named after Valladolid, at the time the capital of Spain, the first Valladolid in Yucatan was established by Spanish Conquistador Francisco de Montejo’s nephew on May 28, 1543. Early Spanish settlers complained about the mosquitoes and humidity at that location, and petitioned to have Valladolid moved further inland. On March 24, 1545, Valladolid was relocated to its current location, built atop a Maya town called Zaci, whose buildings were dismantled to reuse the stones to build the Spanish Colonial town. Valladolid was long the third city of the Yucatan Peninsula in size and importance until the start of the 20th century. Notable sights in Valladolid are the Colonial era Cathedral and the convent of San Bernadino, and cenote Zaci, a landscaped natural well with a restaurant. The citizens of this town wear a typical Yucatan clouths. Here you can buy the beautiful souvenirs.






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