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Xel-Ha is about 16 km of the town of Tulum. The centerpiece of this water park is a beautiful lagoon surrounded by jungle. A natural aquarium, it allows visitors to observe a variety of marine inhabitants in a mix of salt and fresh water; schools of brightly colored tropical fish gather around the underwater rock formations. Snorkeling can be enjoyed without the undertows or strong currents that can make the beaches dangerous, and the clarity of the water is excellent. Snub gear enables snorkelers to stay underwater longer by breathing air through tubes that run to air tanks floating on the surface. Platforms built over the lagoon offer easy underwater viewing for landlubbers. Another favorite activity at Xel-Ha is river floating. Visitors are taken to a drop-off point by a shuttle train and then float slowly along with the current toward the sea. Mo’s Flight, a rope swing and the Cliff of Courage both offer an exhilarating plunge into the lagoon waters. Xel-Ha also has an interactive dolphin swim program. Other activities include visiting a nursery/apiary where honey is harvested from stingless bees, hiking the Path of Conscience bordering the lagoon, crossing the lagoon via a floating bridge, exploring freshwater sinkholes or relaxing in the shade on appropriately named Hammock Island.









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