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Imagine a place where the waters are clear, clean and full of beautiful sea life, where a relaxing stroll down a main thoroughfare was not interrupted by the sound of traffic, a place where ancient ruins and enormous natural preservations were all within a short distance from glittering nightlife and some of the best food in the world. Well all of this can be found in the Mayan Riviera. The beach scene is very family friendly, and a huge number of Mexican, European and American families enjoy a visit to its sparkling white sands.

For those on a vacation in Playa del Carmen there are also many fantastic tours around the peninsula Yucatan, the home of the Mayan civilization which flourished until the arrival of the Conquistadors and today, one of the most popular things to do in Playa del Carmen is to take one of the tours to the historic, cultural or natural areas that remain intact and protected. The tours can include those on land or on water because the area is also a popular diving and snorkeling area as well.




[   E C O T O U R I S M   ]

What do you know about ecotourism? Coping with modern lifestyle we often need necessity to step away from the hectic of conglomerates and hours long traffic congestion. Only tight with a nature can bring the harmony back. Ecotourism is a journey to virgin places away from conjunction of destructive civilization. Ecotourism gives you a feeling of harmony with a nature and yourself.
Our agency offers you to take a rest and revitalize yourself with the energy of nature in national parks, biospheres and protected zones of Mexico. You will discover for yourself really something new and important in the connection between the man and the nature. You may become wiser, more patient and responsible for the uniqueness of our planet. You will be a guest and get to know local traditions and customs. You will learn to interact with local people, discover the flavor of their native food and drinks, to take care of virgin nature and we are sure, you will never forget this experience.

The options for ecotourism are very diverse. We constantly scan new offers and possibilities in this direction and offer the most interesting routs. Please contact us for newest tours and quotation.







[   B E A C H   A N D   F A M I L Y   V A C A T I O N S   ]

Any vacation is a very important part of our life. We have to take vacations to have our body naturally regenerated. The importance of just relaxation on the beach, swimming in crystal clear Caribbean Sea, soaking up the sun cannot be overestimated at all. You can just lie on a beach under palm trees or in a hammock, read, sleep, observe people around you, or you can take a journey with the boat, catamaran, jet-sky, or challenge yourself with parasailing.

Please contact us for the suggestions of the current “in“ beaches in Mayan Riviera and actual vocational  insider information.









[   G O U R M E T   C L A S S E S   ]

Mexican cuisine is a leader in Latin America and has an outstanding position on the world culinary map. We invite you to visit the first school in Mexico devoted exclusively to the cuisine of Yucatan. Featured widely in famous magazines, dedicated cooking, the school has become a “must-do” destination in Yucatan, along with the spectacular Mayan ruins and many natural wonder. The school is located in the colonial city called Merida, the capital of Yucatan. You will have opportunity to learn directly with Chef Sterling in his own kitchen. This is personal attention – chatting with Chef over morning coffee or accompanying him to the market. Each class begins with coffee and pastries and ends with a fabulous meal that you and Chef prepare together. In between, you will receive fascinating background information on the importance of the experience of Mayan people in the development of Mexican cuisine and culture; you will tour the sprawling and colorful Merida market; and in the participatory cooking class you will experience first-hand the many exotic ingredients that make Yucatecan cuisine so unique.

Consult our suggested tours or ask for your tailor made option.










[   E N T E R T A I N M E N T   ]

Nightlife and shopping

Playa del Carmen the hurt of Mayan Riviera it’s not only crystal clear turquoise Caribbean water and fine white sand beaches. The life is vibrant 24/7. This place is remarkable for variety of national and international specialty restaurants, night clubs, coffee shops and boutiques. During many years Mayan Riviera is named as one of the 10 top world vocational destinations according to “Conde Nast Traveler” magazine, “Yoga journal”, “New York” magazine, “Green Get-Aways”. The mains touristic attraction is for sure the “Fifth Avenue” – “La Quinta” the pedestrian walk way  going for miles from south to north few steps from the beach line. Here you can find all variety of food, entertainment and consume styles. Romantic “Fusion” just on the beach with every night life music show. The oldest beach bar “Blue Parrot” with famous fire show. “La Bodegita” – international Cuban chain with delicious mojitos and free salsa classes. “Zenzi” – lounge area on the beach with open air movie screen. “Deseo” – is one of the distinguished first class boutique hotels with lounge area under the night sky and signature martinis. And for sure don’t miss “Coco Bongo”, the green musk man is waiting for you with his staff, presenting one of the famous disco shows in the world.

Contact us for currents events and show news.







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