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Arbat is the one of the most popular pedestrian streets in Russia. Every building along the street has a unique and interesting story, and the street has a long and important role in the history of Moscow. Arbat was settled in the XIV-XV, as the main route to Smolensk, Russia, an important medieval city. In 1611 there was a fierce battle on Arbat with the Poles, who wanted to break into the Kremlin. In addition, during Napoleon’s Russian Campaign of 1812, French troops used the street to reach the Kremlin.  Russian leader Pushkin also lived with his beautiful wife in one of the first palaces to be built on Arbat.

With numerous picturesque alleys, like Sain Gemain of Moscow, Arbat is now often called the Montmartre of Moscow. It is a permanent outdoor exhibition, with book vendors, works of famous decorative arts teachers, oil paintings and miniatures by talented young painters. Most guests of the city take a tour of Arbat to see the sites and purchase souvenirs and Russian handicrafts. They say walking down Arbat allows you to experience the soul of Moscow.









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