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The Kremlin Armory was established in 1508 as the royal arsenal. Until the transfer of the court to St. Petersburg, the armory was in charge of production, purchase and storage of weapons, jewelry and various household goods belonging to the czars. The armory, craftsmen were the best in Russia. In 1640 and 1683 the iconography and pictorial studies opened for classes in painting and crafts. In 1700, the Armory was enriched with the treasures of the chambers of the Gold and Silver of Russian tsars. In 1711, Pedro Grande removed the majority of master craftsmen to the new capital, St. Petersburg. 15 years later, the Armory functioned within the tax warehouse (the oldest of the royal treasuries - the Treasury of the Stables and House Master). After the merger, the Armory was renamed as the Arms and Master Chamber. Alexander I of Russia turned the Armory into the first public museum in Moscow in 1806, but the collections were not opened to the public until seven years later. After the Bolshevik Revolution, the collection of the Armory was enriched with the treasures taken from the sacristy of the Patriarch of Moscow, the Kremlin cathedrals, monasteries and private collections. Some of these treasures were sold abroad at the behest of Stalin in the 1930s. In 1960, the armory became the official museum of the Kremlin.



Arms Museum



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