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The cathedral is located in downtown, not far from the Kremlin on the banks of the river at the jetty Moscva Kropotkinskaya. The Cathedral was built to honor the heroism of the Russian people during the Patriotic War of 1812 against Napoleon, and was symbolic of the Orthodox Christian faith. The dimensions of the cathedral are huge. At a height of 103 meters, it covers an area 6.805 meters square. The diameter of the central dome is 25.5 meters. Ten thousand people can attend Mass simultaneously. Its construction was from 1839 to 1880. In 1931, the temple was demolished by order of Stalin, who later built a public swimming pool named "Moscva” in its place. After "perestroyka" in the 90’s the cathedral was rebuilt in its original place using new construction materials. In January 2000 the Cathedral was open to the public again. 





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