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The Diamond Fund is a single state collection of gold and silver works of great historical and material value, containing raw and carved stones, gold and silver nuggets. Among the world-famous collections of works of jewelry, The Diamond Fund ranks among the top. The permanent exhibition was opened in 1967 at the Armory building. The collection began to take shape in the early eighteenth century when Emperor Peter the Great issued edict to retain the most important treasures, not only of the royal family, but the entire Russian state. The attributes of kingship, royalty, lay orders and decorations were preserved in a special deposit - The House of the Shining in the Winter Palace (Hermitage) until 1914. When World War I began, all the treasures were quickly evacuated to the Moscow Kremlin, where they were in the basements of government buildings for 8 years. In 1922 the Art Committee confirmed the historical and artistic value of the objects in the old House of Diamonds and decided to keep for future generations. Now among the jewels of the royal family one can see masterpieces created by Soviet goldsmiths. In the exhibition you can see the best diamonds from Yakutia: "Oktiabrskiy", "Komsomolskiy", including the largest Russian diamond "The Star of Yakutia" (232-carat), and rare gold nuggets including "Mefistofele”. Jewels containing "historical stones include: The Great Imperial Crown, the miniature of the Emperor Alexander I, the Shah Diamond, and "The Orlov”.





Russian Diamond Fund




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