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>> Ex-Hacienda Antique “Kolomenskoye”- summer residence of Russian tsars



In the south part of the capital, in the high bank of the Moscow River, there is the Museum-Estate Kolomenskoye. Its history disappeared in antiquity. Throughout the centuries Kolomenskoye served as a summer residence for Russian tsars. This estate was where Peter the Great was born a spent his early years. The oldest building here is the Temple of Ascension. It was built in 1532 in honor of the birth of the future Tsar Ivan the Terrible, heir of the Grand Prince Vasily III. The church of the Mother of God of Kazan, the Church of San Giorgio Conqueror (sixteenth century) and the Water Tower (century XVII) are all located adjacent to the Temple.  The church of St. John the Precursor, another masterpiece, is located In the nearby village of Diakovo. Kolomenskoye contains an ancient oak forest that contains trees that date back to the founding of Moscow. Events such as art exhibitions are held in the Old Park, which retains much wooden architecture of the XVI-XVII.








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