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>> The Kremlin and its Cathedral



The Kremlin is the oldest part of Moscow and in Russian means "fortress". 800 years ago, a wooden fortress was built on the high bank of the Moskva River on the orders of Prince Yuri Dolgoruky. The Kremlin then was not large and occupied less than a twentieth of its current area. Throughout its history the Kremlin underwent several reconstructions. In the early fourteenth century after the devastating Tatar-Mongol invasion, the fortress was surrounded by a strong wall of oak. In 1367 Prince Dmitry built the first stone wall. In this same period, he built churches and stone chambers. During the reign of Ivan III, Moscow became the center of unification of the Russian principalities, the capital of a powerful state. From 1485 to 1495 were built new walls. 

Today, the former residence of Russian tsars is the official residence of President of the Russian Federation. In this area surrounded by walls, are the Great Kremlin, The Palace of Congress, the Senate and Square Cathedrals. 

On the walls of the Kremlin are located the unique ancient monuments:



One of the most interesting Kremlin Museums is the Armory, treasury of Russian tsars. Here there are collections of papers, rare gold and silver from the twelfth-century, ancient Russian state decorations, thrones of the czars, and costume from the 16C to 19C. Another very interesting museum is the Kremlin's Diamond Fund, a collection of unique nuggets of gold and platinum, diamonds and brilliants from Siberia, excellent examples of jewelry from the XVIII-XIX.







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