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One of the most amazing architectural buildings, famous for its beauty and harmony. The convent was founded by Vasily III, father of Ivan the Terrible. It went down in history as a powerful fortress, witnessing many vicissitudes in old Russia. From the outset, the convent was intended for people of high society. Here lived representatives of feudal nobility and relatives of the Tsars. The monastery's history is closely linked to that of Tsar Boris Godunov. For 14 years he was confined here with the Tsarina Sophia, sister of Peter the Great. The monastery suffered two raids by Crimean Tatars, before its walls were breached in 1612 to polish troops. From far off, the five perfect domes of Smolensky Cathedral can be seen, with its strong walls and towers with filigree edges and graceful steeples 70 feet high. Today it is a convent of nuns, the official residence of The Metropolitan Moscow Orthodox Christian church.





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