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Interesting and popular, this museum is dedicated to the greatest battle of the Patriotic War with Napoleon in the nineteenth century, which took place in the field Borodino to 120 kilometers from Moscow. The museum was created by the painter Franz Rubo and inaugurated in 1912 on the occasion of 150th anniversary of this battle. The principal view of museum is the circular canvas of 115 m long and 15 m high, in which the painter represents the decisive moment of the battle, which occurred on 7 September 1812, when Napoleon led the Russian army in a final and unsuccessful assault. The panorama is outfitted with special lighting effects and sounds reproducing the sound of combat, characteristic for the battles of the early nineteenth century, and it gives visitors the impression of being in the center of the battlefield. Opposite of the panorama building stands a monument to Mikhail Kutuzov, the Russian army marshal of the era.  Nearby you can see the memorial museum “Izba of Kutuzov”, an exact copy of the house in Phili, where the historic military council held meetings.









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