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>> Palace and Park of Empress Catherine the Great (Tsarskoe selo)



Pushkin is another point of interest located 27 kilometers from St. Petersburg. Here we visit the Catherine Palace, built in 1717 by architect Rastrelli for Empress Catherine I. Inside the palace, tourists can see the front Staircase of Honor, adorned with Chinese and Japanese vases, the Grand Chamber which seems even larger because of the many mirrors placed in the walls, the White Hall, with a beautiful ceramic stove of Delft. In the Dining Gala Hall you can contemplate the precious china, called because of its decoration, the amber room which is covered with amber, under its name, the Picture Gallery which contains excellent examples of European paintings, the room of the servants which has the floor of rosewood, ebony, mahogany and oak, and Ionic Roman busts. Walking through shady streets among beautiful pavilions in the Catalina Park is ideal for everybody who is looking for tranquility and peace. A characteristic feature is that the park can be divided into 2 parts, each with its own style: the French Park (architectural) distinguished by the geometric design of its wide walkways and the English park with its natural decoration.








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