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The cathedral was constructed between 1883-1907 years. It was constructed at the place, where in 1881 was dropped a bomb by Ingatiy Grinevitzkiy. He was a member of the organization "People's Will", and murderer of Russian Emperor Alexander II. The place of the murder was carefully reconstructed, and there was constructed roofed shelter. It could be said that the church "Spass na krovi" (Savior on the Spilled Blood) is a personification of the religious architecture from Moscow Rus to Neva riverside temples, before Peter the Great. The Temple was built with Russian style by a project of architect Alfred Portland that used traditional methods of composition and form of the Moscow and Yaroslavl churches of the seventeenth century. In the main part with 5 domes is incorporated the bell tower with gilded dome and 2 entrances. The facades are made with Cover plates engraved and decorated with polychrome tiles. The interior decoration is made with mosaics panels where are used over 20 different minerals, gold, precious stones, enamel jewelry and Italian marble.







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