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The monastery was founded by Peter the Great in 1710 in honor of Alezander Nevsky. He was the prince of Novgorod the Great and military commander of the thirteenth century, and also the winner of the Teutonic troops. In the grounds of Laura there are many historical and architectural monuments. Among them there are the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, Church of the Annunciation (1722), and the Necropolis of the XVIII-XIX. Most monuments of the pantheon are creations of famous Russian architects and sculptors. Here we can see the graves of several luminaries in science, art and national culture: the first Russian academician Mikhail Lomonosov, Carlo Rossi, the world famous composers Mikhail Glinka, Pyotr Tchaikovskiy, N. Rimskiy-Korsakov, writers Fyodor Dostoevskiy, N. Karamzin and others.









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