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>> Emperador Pablo I Palace in the city of Pavlovsk


Pavlovsk is the last residence of the tsars, located in the vicinity of St. Petersburg (35 km). Although it doesn’t have the majesty of its predecessors it has an architectural simplicity and, perhaps, there is its attractiveness. The Palace was destroyed by fire in 1803, and was rebuilt by Quarenghi, Rossi and Voronichin. There are notable the Egyptian Lobby, Cabinet of the Tapestries, with an impressive collection of watches, the War Room decorated in white and gold by Voronichin, the Greek Hall with gorgeous chimney of lapis lazuli, marquetry of the Hall of Peace, the Great Library with over 20,000 books, French tapestries and steel dressing table, located in the rooms of Maria Feodorovna, the paintings in the Gallery of Art, the tableware in the dining room and antique Roman sculptures of the I and II century before A.C. in the Sculpture Gallery. Outside there is the English-style park, where you can enjoy the Temple of Friendship made by Cameron in 1872, the mausoleum erected in honor of Paul I and his wife, the Memorial of the Fathers, commissioned by Tsarina as a tribute of her parents, the Milk House, the Rose Hall, the Arbor of White Birch, and the Valley of the Pools.







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