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>> Peterhof (Petrodvorets)

The ancient residence of the Tsars, Petergof, is located 29 kilometers from St. Petersburg and is a part of park, which originally was used as a vegetable garden and later became a beautiful garden known as High Park. There are beautiful fountains:  Neptune, Stone Oak, and Square Pond. The Grand Palace is truly majestic. Its construction went through several stages and architects, until Rastrelli in 1745 gave it the present appearance. The exterior has onion-shaped golden domes and tiled roof adorned with golden colored garlands and the facade with 275 meters high decorated in the central part with pediment. There is the impressive Great Fall, located at the main entrance made by Lebrond, Braunstein, Michetti and Zemscov in the years 1715 and 1724. There are 225 bronze sculptures in gold color and 64 sources. Inside the room is notable the Gala Hall adorned with gold of high quality, the Blue Room of the Courts, whose walls are covered with blue silk, the Throne Room which occupies the full width of the Palace and is adorned with the Tsars portraits and his family, were held in this hall gala balls and large banquets. Around the artistic ensemble there is located the Alexandra’s Park which includes the English gardens that go down to the sea. Inside there are the gothic mansion known as The Farm and a church with the same architectural style. In cottage there are favorite books, which were collected by Alexandra Fedorovna, the wife of Nicholas I, for whom was built the park.








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