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The warship Aurora is located at the pier Petrovskaya opposite the Nakhimov Military Academy, and is the monument of Russian shipbuilding as well as the symbol of the Soviet Union era. It was named in honor of the frigate "Aurora", which had heroically defended a Russian city at the time of the Crimean War in 1853-1856. The warship was built in the shipyard of "New Admiralty" in 1897 and was launched on 11 May 1900. The warship participated of the battle of Tsusima in war with Japan. In the years of the World War I the warship was involved to the military operations. Aurora played the major role in the events of revolution in 1917. At the night of 24 to 25 October it took part in the rebellion. VI Lenin passed the "Appeal to the citizens of Russia" from the radio station of the warship. Electrician’s crew closed the drawbridge Nikolaevsky and let pass the Red Guard soldiers to the city center. At the same day at 21:40 the warship signaled with a barrage of fire for the assault of the Winter Palace. As a result of assault, the Provisional Government was arrested and began the new chapter of Russian history. In Soviet times this warship served as the school for the Naval Academy cadets. During the Great Patriotic War the warship was in Oranienbaum to stop the German air assault. During the fighting the Aurora was badly damaged. In 1994, the warship Aurora was towed to Leningrad and moored at the pier Petrovskaya. In 1956 there was founded museum - the section of the Central Museum of Navy. In 1992 in the Aurora was hoisted the flag of St. Andrew (flag of Maritime Forces of Russia).The exhibition of this floating museum presents over 500 original documents, photographs and objects of the vessels, which tell the story of the warship Aurora and its participation in the life of Russia. Visitors can take a tour in the engine room and living work of the cruise.






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