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Odessa is a city and port on the Black Sea with more than one million inhabitants. Because of its location and population it is the fifth largest city in Ukraine, the largest commercial and important city in the country and the largest city on the shores of the Black Sea. Odessa’s architectural style influenced by French and Italian, giving a Mediterranean feel to the city is often referred to as the Pearl of the Black Sea. The city and the port of Odessa were officially founded in 1794 by a decree of Catherine the Great as the main marine gateway of southern part of Russian Empire. Places of interest: The Odessa City Council, the Duma, The Monument to Catherine the Great and the founders of the city, The Potemkin Stairs, one of the symbols of Odessa; The Primorsky Boulevard, The Palace "Of Sah"; The Monument to Duke de Richelieu, another symbol of Odessa; Seugra Bridge, The Colonnade of the Vorontsov Palace, The House of Angle; The Presbyterian church and many others.







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