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Yalta is a city in Crimea southern Ukraine, along the northern coast of the Black Sea. The city has dramatic coastal landscapes and a fascinating history. Almost all visitors who arrived in the Crimea visit the province capital Simferopol, where are located the airport and the railway. If time permits, it is worth exploring the historic streets of the city among domes and minarets. From Simferopol to Yalta goes trolleybus. This line, the longest in the world, runs along the entire route of 90 km. The rolling fields spread and covered with red poppies. Where the pine-covered mountains throw on from the hills in the Black Sea, is located Yalta, the classic balneology health resort.  

Since the nineteenth century Russian aristocracy, and the posterior Russian dignitaries, enjoyed the views from the luxurious summer houses that were scattered on the slopes among cypress trees, vineyards and olive groves. In the promenade of Yalta survives a bit of elegance of the age of Pushkin and Chekhov. Under ornate lanterns flowing popular life and street musicians play typical melodies. The casinos, cabarets and extant statue of Lenin (in front of McDonald's) give a characteristic touch to the place. In the crowded beaches of Yalta many people get tend standing by the Russian way. The Yalta peaceful surroundings are steeped in history, like the rest of Crimea. The nearby interesting places are: Vorontsov Palace in Alupka, the Palace and the cellars of Massandra, the Livadia Palace.









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