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East-European Informational Center “Yucatan Expert” provides translation services in such languages as: Russian, Spanish, English, German, French, Italian and Polish. We guarantee quality work undertaken by experienced translators, always into their mother tongue. Also we review edit and proofread any kind of professional written documents. You can order the following types:

- Express translations
We are well aware of the demand in today's business world that require fast turnaround times and are fully prepared to accommodate the needs and requirements of our clients.


- Written translations of all types of documents
 We bring you high quality solutions for translating all your written documents of any complicity and amount.


- Translations of the official documents (certified)
Due to the international scope of our operations, our firm provides translation services for all kinds of official documents, backed by highly qualified expert translators, certified by Mexican Federal Judiciary Board and The Federal District Judiciary Board. We also have agreements with other specialized legal firms to provide comprehensive interdisciplinary services.


- Interpretation services
We offer interpretation services during conferences, business meetings and also for private occasions.


- Translations of web pages

We edit and proofread or translate web pages.


- Translations of business documents
Translations of contracts, agreements, regulations, registration certificates, financial documentation, loan documentation, bank letters, tax documentation, business plans, tender documents, licenses and certificates, customs documentation, law reports.


Our main concepts are:

-reasonably priced






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