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Useful Information



Area: 1.972 550 km²

Population: 109 mln habitants

Capital: Mexico-City

Official language: Spanish

Religion: Catholicism

Currency: Peso (MXN)

Geographical location: borders to USA, Guatemala and Belize. The country is located on the South of North America. On the East Mexico’s coastline - Caribbean Sea, on the West – Pacific Ocean. Mexico includes several offshore islands.


Official name: The United Mexican States

Government: Federal presidential republic with 31 states and Federal District

Head of state and government: President (Felipe Calderon)

Legislature: Bicameral National Congress: House of Delegates and Senate

There are three time zones:
- 9 from Moscow time (Central Standard Time)
- 10 from Moscow time (mountain)
- 11 from Moscow time (Pacific Standard Time)


Daylight Saving Time: beginning of May – end of September





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