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The Mexican cuisine is considered to be a leader cuisine in Latin America.

First of all, Mexico is the native land of corn. Corn is a basis of daily Mexican food. Besides corn, beans and chili pepper play a significant role here. Also there are chocolate, tomatoes, avocado, vanilla, pumpkin, and onions.  Mexico also is a home of chewing gum.


Fast Food

“Аntojitos” is a general name for Mexican fast food. It sells usually in the streets off trays. The most popular kind of it is tacos.  The Tacos are filled with everything, almost everything. For some versions, there are steady names: grilled tacos with cheese are called quesadillas, tacos with beans are sopes, flat tortillas with meat, salad and cheese – tostados, tacos rolls in a hot chili sauce are named enchiladas. There are also tamales. It is a kind of stuffed cabbage, but with palm leaves instead of cabbage leaves. There are also “ tortas” - big sandwiches with fresh vegetables, meat and cheese, also there are empanadas, fried corn dough   with a meat stuffing. Fajitas are sautéed vegetables, meat, mushrooms or seafood, served with tortillas, rice and bean cream.


In the Restaurant

“Chili en Nogada” is considered to be a national dish. It is prepared for the Independence Day in September. Green pepper is stuffed with meat in  white cream  sauce made out of walnuts and cheese,  with sour red pomegranate sauce over it. A similar dish is “chilis rellenos”. Those are peppers stuffed with cheese, meat and spices. “Ceviche”- fresh  uncooked  fish, marinated in lime juice and seasoned – also is considered a classical dish.  Mexicans love sweets , but the variety is not very extensive, there is a type of cream caramel and various types of caramelized  local fruits .

As a whole, many Mexican dishes have European analogues, but with local names. For example,” frijoles “  are matched with beans  with fat, “huevos” are fried scrambled eggs with scallion, pepper and tomatoes, “ micsote” is a stewed chicken in chili sauce, wrapped in corn leaves, “ tlascalteka” is a tomato soup with cheese, avocado and nopal ( cactus) leaves.

Mexico is a country where the greatest amount of fruits grows. Those are papaya, lime, guamabana,  guayava, pineapple, among many others. There are some kinds of edible cactuses as well as their fruits: tuna and pitaya.

The variety of vegetable menu in Mexico is also very rich. Besides potatoes, tomatoes and pepper, it is worth mentioning a nopal, cactus fruits and chayote, Mexican cucumber.

Mexico is a country where people love spicy food; this country is the home of chili pepper. There is a huge number of spicy sauces based on chili; you will find it on each table as a supplement to main dishes. Usually it is two or three sauces served with tortillas chips, as an appetizer before a dinner. In general, there is a lot of sauces in Mexico. From all variety it is worth  to allocate “ mole poblano”, which ingredients  includes bitter chocolate and several kinds of chili,  this sauce is usually served with chicken.



The most well known drink of Mexico is certainly tequila. Also there is “pulque”, unfinished tequila, fermented juice of an agave plant.

In Northern California, Mexican vines are produced, the assortment is not too extensive though.

Beer is very popular in Mexico:  Sol, Tecate, and Corona. And, sometimes you will find a slice of lime in a bottle.

Number one soft drink is Coca-Cola. Habitual tea is not common. But the favorite Mexican drinks are hot chocolate (cocoa) and coffee.

It is impossible to present Mexico without soft healthy drinks. They are called «aquas» and represent the fresh fruit juice diluted with water. Also there are «liquados», the same drink but with milk added as well as vanilla, nutmeg, cinnamon and other flavors. Sometimes syrups can be used instead of fresh ingredients; in this case the drink has a name “aqua fresco”. One of the most popular is “horchata”- a drink based on rice and sugar, flavored with almonds and cinnamon. Another popular drink is “Jamaica”, a kind of fruit tee, "piñada” - alcohol free pineapple cocktail. There is a huge variety of hydro-carbonated soft drinks. Also innumerous variations of ice-cream are based on water or cream with typical fruits.

In Mexico there are restaurants for all tastes. Cheap coffee shops, fashionable restaurants with French cuisine, North American style restaurants with fast food, ethnic restaurants, and local restaurants offering complex dinners.

The meal schedule in Mexico is as follows. Breakfast is usually easy. It is possible to have two breakfasts. It is common to have lunch at about two o'clock in the afternoon and dinner around 8-9 o'clock in the evening.




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