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Mexico is one of Latin America’s most industrialized countries. Till 1985 Mexico followed the economic model focused on domestic market. External commerce was limited. In 1986 Mexico entered the WTO, and from that point to the present time, Mexican presence at the international markets began to increase rapidly.

Mexico is traditionally an agrarian country. Coffee, sugar, tobacco, tomatoes, honey, fruit are leading in the agricultural production for export. Tequila and Mexican beer have are growing more and more popular in the world. But regardless of the increase in export of agricultural products, considerable amounts are paid for grain import, first of all corn.

Thanks to minerals, Mexico is a rich country. Besides huge stocks of oil in Gulf of Mexico, the country has deposits of metals and minerals:  silver, gold, led, zinc, iron, copper, tin, uranium.

Mexico produces and exports motor vehicles, processed food, steel, chemicals, paper and textiles.

Oil and its derivatives make third part of export, and half of it is sold to the USA.


Tourism plays the essential role in the national economy. It is one of the basic sources of country’s wealth.  Mexico accepts about 20 million tourists a year.





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