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This section is for the information about Mexico. Mexico is such an outstanding and wonderful country that for sure books about Mexico can fill up libraries. Here, we will give you just a grain of all the huge volume of information. We will be brief and precise. To explore Mexico means to have a journey through vast deserts, snowcapped volcanos, walk along tropical beaches and visit ancient ruins. Here you can find modern cities, timeless villages and chic resorts. Mexico is an experience that offers multitude of cultures, cuisines, environments, handicrafts, art and history. Mexico is a country full of contrasts: traditional sources of livelihood such as fishing, agriculture, hand-woven textiles and handcrafted ceramics coexist with modern manufacturing, transportation, and huge tourism industry. Everywhere here you can see extremes of wealth and poverty next to each other. If you are looking to see real true Mexico, don’t expect just one point of view. Take a look at some of useful information that we prepared for you.





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