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The Civil Ceremony is a union for life, and it is recognized as legal throughout the world. An English speaking Judge will perform the ceremony that can be done on a beach or by the Town Council. The Judge's vows are set and cannot be changed.

Legal requirements for a civil wedding:


Copy of passports and tourist card ( issued at the airport upon arrival).
Divorce papers, if applicable
Blood test for V.D.R.L., H.I.V. and R.H. and health certificate, (the blood tests must be done in Mexico within 7 days before the wedding.)
4 witnesses: Must be over the age of 18 and be present during the ceremony in order to sign the marriage certificate.
Completed application form. (we will compete the application form for you).


Once legally married, you will receive a certificate, but the legal act, called "Acta de Matrimonio", will be sent to Chetumal, the capital of the state in order to be annotated. Once we receive the authorized copy we will send it to you via Fed Ex. This will take maximum 3 months.
The ceremony can be performed in English or Spanish.
Approximate duration 15/20 minutes






A Catholic wedding in Mexico is approved as official when all the proscribed documentation and requirements have been fulfilled. Catholics can be married in local Riviera Maya churches.


Requirements for Catholic Wedding:


First of all you need to contact your parish, priest or deacon and ask him about marriage preparation. He will be in charge for your marriage preparation and instruction.

It is suggested to start all the preparation minimum 6 months prior the wedding date. You must complete your Pre-Cana classes, the required pre-marriage courses, and the Pre-Cana certificate is required 60 days prior to the wedding.
The permission from your parish priest to get married outside of your parish. This permission must be approved by your parish's diocese.

A current original copy of the Baptismal certificate of the Catholic party.
The completed Pre-nuptial Investigation form used in your diocese.

Once all requirements have been completed, your local church will send these documents to the Mexican parish.
Bride and Groom must arrive minimum 3 days prior the wedding, in order to meet the Wedding Planner and submit all documents.
The ceremony can be performed in English or Spanish.
Approximate duration is 30 minutes.






If you are planning your vow renewal or your wedding as a pure ancient blessing of love this is the right solution for you.
This beautiful land offer you the perfect landscape to create the magic atmosphere for a Mayan Ritual...it’s amazing jungle, the crystal water of the Caribbean ocean and the white sand of its coast.
This event of a lifetime will remain in your heart and your mind forever.
This is the Ancient Mayan ritual that will start with the cleaning of the ceremony area, thanks to the Copal Tree (Mayan incense) and the sound of the caracole (big horn-shell).
The Shaman, a traditional healer, will bless your union in front of the four elements and will and will ask to the energy of the universe to be present and give to your couple a bond of energy and everlasting love.

No documents are required.
The ceremony can be performed in English or Spanish.
Approximate duration is 45 minutes.







This Ceremony is an amazing and touching ritual of love, performed by traditional healer Maria Galindo and her assistant Charlie. Also this ceremony will start with the purification of the wedding site, using Copal tree and caracoles. Al the guests will be asked to create a circle around the couple, and they will be involved in the ceremony with important rules.
The couple can prepare their personal vows. The rings will be blessed in front of the four elements (earth, wind, water and fire - using colored flowers' petals) and the couple will be purified in front of the Cosmo with the use of Copal and water.
No documents required.

The ceremony can be performed in English or Spanish.
Approximate duration is 45 minutes.








The symbolic ceremony is a touching way to renew your vows, or If you have already been married in your own country, you may wish to relive the event in a more informal and original way.


This ceremony falls into two categories:
• Civil ceremony (performed by a Public Official)
• Religious ceremony (performed by a 'Priest')


No documents required.
The ceremony can be performed in English, Spanish, German, Italian and French.
Approximate duration: depends on the kind of ceremony.






Underwater Wedding


The innovative ceremony is held with couples exchanging vows and tying the knot in the unusual and rather surreal subterranean surroundings. Frequently dressed in a suit and traditional wedding dress, the happy couples don their scuba equipment to perform the ceremony submerged 12m (40ft) beneath the surface. With beautiful sandy beaches, forests, national parks, crystal clear waters and not to mention the underwater ceremony, this is surely a wedding day to remember.










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