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Riviera Maya Real Estate

My primary goal is to promote and protect the Buyer’s interests at all times.

I strongly believe that every real estate transaction is unique, just like each buyer. As an expert in the Mexico real estate market, I specialize in providing tailored services to meet the specific needs of my clients. If you’re in the market for a Riviera Maya house or other properties in Mexico, I give you a personalized offer as I have access to all listed properties.

My mission is to offer a comprehensive real estate solution to our buyers, ensuring the highest level of trust, knowledge, respect, and convenience. I believe that buyers deserve equal representation and protection of their interests, just as sellers receive from an exclusive listing agent. As consumers become more knowledgeable about the real estate industry, they demand the level of service that only an exclusive buyer broker can provide. Trust us to help you find this perfect property in Mexico that fits your unique needs!

You are searching for a second home in the best Playa del Carmen locations, an income-generating property in Tulum, or land for future development in Yucatán, Golf of Mexico Coast, I will guide you through the complex processes of Real Estate transaction in Mexico, what sometimes can be complicated process and not similar to the processes in the USA, Canada or Europe.

As your Buyer representative, you can count on me to perform various functions what will ease your way, some of the services I provide are listed below:

  • Locating and assessing properties based on your needs and financial parameters
  • Visiting, taking pictures and videos of appropriate properties, with you or on your behalf
  • Disclosing all research regarding a property’s title, history and liens
  • Negotiating the best price and terms on behalf of the Buyer
  • Maintaining confidentiality about your financial position and motivations
  • Arranging for structural or other inspections if necessary
  • Explaining in detail all forms and contracts
  • Monitoring all closing details
  • Advising on important post-sales processes such as getting the legal copies and other documentation, changing the names of the utility contracts and in general all other steps what will be needed to perform if you relocate here.


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I prepared a free guide in different languages with a roadmap for foreign citizens to buy property, particularly in the Caribbean and Yucatán Coast, Mexico. PLEASE FILL THIS CONTACT FORM to get the guide in your email. Please mention the most comfortable language for you ENG, DEU, RUS.

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Riviera Maya Real Estate Buyers Guide